All about Thunderbolt 3


Thunderbolt was heading to be FireWire’s modern version for many years. When compared to USB interfaces, Thunderbolt is smarter and faster. But the disadvantage of it is the wide ranges of accessories are not available beyond external hard drives and adapters. In most of the Mac sold systems between 2011 and till date, most probably you may find the Thunderbolt of different versions such as version 1 and version 2. But it is associated only with PC laptops and high-end motherboards.

thunderbolt-3-usb-type-cNow a day thunderbolt 3 is coming with the advanced features and it is applied to each major PC OEM, which starts from Dell’s new XPS lineup, Lenovo workstation laptops and convertible from Intel, Acer, HP, and many others.

The main reason for the sudden turnaround of Thunderbolt 3 is it has all the benefits of USB Type –C, that includes charging laptops via Power Delivery and driving displays via the Alternate Mode. This additional feature in Thunderbolt has made more convenient in order to worth the trouble.

Thunderbolt 3 is the combination of the USB Type-C interface, it provides throughput and also a lot of flexibility is provided by it. It is an adaptable port that fulfills all the disadvantages of Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2. Display Port output can be done with 4K display.

Users who are using Thunderbolt port currently are not comfortable to buy a new cable or adapter and Thunderbolt to the ascendant is playing off nicely. Before buying the Thunderbolt you should be careful because nowadays there are many competitors of it, so they may reduce the cost. The most exciting thing is many companied are developing new accessories, so you can use that bandwidth properly.

A single Thunderbolt cable is associated with USB, display data and Ethernet data and the power is supplied from the dock to the laptop, also it is designed very simply.

According to Intel the upcoming high end quad-core NUC, it will compete with external graphics docks. There is a need of third party enclosures like Intel or Core, to work on its own external GPU case. Docks of the more traditional Thunderbolt can simply overtake a single Thunderbolt port into an array of Ethernet, USB and display ports. If you use Thunderbolt instead of a proprietary connector or USB, then it provides you more bandwidth.