Approach to recover lost files on Mac


Mac is one of the popular OS which was launched Apple corp. for functioning of computer. These OS efficiently supports MS Office which consists of MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Outlook, etc. One that is  redundantly used component of MS Office is MS Excel or spreadsheet whose users vary from home user to MNC’s. This application is utilized to store data in tabular format so it can be easily evaluated. Let’s suppose that in any scenario you are unable to have access to the excel file due to some reason, thus you need to recover lost file on mac by implementation of  software. There are many reasons which causes loss files are:

  • File system corruption: It is the file system which is authorized to arrange the files within hard disk i.e. how they are to be stored, where to be looked for the file when required, etc. Thus if in any situation the file system gets corrupted it’s impossible to use the files like excel unless you have appropriate software to restore lost excel file.
  • Accidental format: This situation arises when you accidentally format some another drive instead of the desired drive. Thus whole content of the drive gets lost.
  • Improper removal of memory storage device: In this scenario when you extract your storage device in an inadequate manner the files which are present on the card may get lost.
  • Volume header corruption: Volume header consists of some of the sophisticated detail of the volume like file size, date of last modification, empty space left, etc. If any type of damage occurs to these header due to different reasons such as abrupt shut down, virus attack, etc. the files of that respective volume gets lost and needs corrective measure to restore all files.

Some other types of error which may cause loss file from hard disk are hard drive crash, format error, accidental formatting another drive, volume header corruption, catalog and journal file corruption, usage of some third party software, etc.  Some of the exceptional features of this software are:

  • It efficiently works for different brands of hard drive like Seagate, Iomega, Hitachi, Toshiba, Transcend, etc.
  • Its’ strong Scanning algorithm scans the entire hard disk with few moments.
  • It equivocally works for different versions of Mac OS.
  • It has a great graphic user interface, thus making it usage easy for both beginner and experienced.
  • It recovers files from different file system such as HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32.
  • It gives preview option before restoring the files on desired location.
  • Recovered files can be set on the basis of file name, extension, size, and creation date.
  • It can recover files from different memory cards like XD cards, CF cards, memory sticks, SD cards, MMC, etc.

If you wish to recover your files back, specific things that you need to take care are, downloading and installation of software should be done on different drive. The other thing that you must do is avoid using drive from where you wish to recover files. Thus by reviewing the excellent features of this software we can say that it can be utilized for recovery of any lost file from Mac OS. This software can be easily downloaded from internet for trial purpose.