Best way for fixing.doc file!!!!


I was creating project report in my personal computer using MS word. It was about 11: 30 p.m. Tomorrow is the last day for submission, I was almost done with my report, I just needed to add few points. All of a sudden the power fails; it occurred in the same time when my UPS was also not working well. So my system shuts down abnormally. After some time when power was regained I turned on my computer & found that my document was not opening. It may be because of word file corruption. How will I submit it tomorrow? Help me!!!

Are you shocked to find that your project report which you created on MS Office word is not opening? Tensed!!! Don’t be so, with the advent of technology now it is possible to fix word file if it is broken or corrupted. Fixing .doc files tool is the best application to repair all corrupted or damaged word document. MS word can be found in various versions such as 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, among which 2010 is the latest version. It is saved in .doc & .docx file format.

MS Word template is a starting point for a new document which is already formatted in some way.  When template of MS word gets corrupted then you will not find the documents in a proper way, like font size may become too big & margins are set wrong. Word template are saved template format. When the word file gets damaged you might lose all files are saved as template. What to do in such case? Don’t take stress!!! You can repair word template by using doc file repair tool quiet easily. But to fix word template you need to first rename it as .doc file & then fix it using this tool.

Word file may get damaged due to certain reasons such as:

  • While upgrading the older version of word file to the newer one, if the up gradation process is not done properly or if any interruption takes place during the process then you may receive error & will be unable to access word file.
  • Macro virus intrusion may insert unnecessary text to the document leading to corruption of the original text of the Word document.
  • Sudden system termination while accessing word document or transferring word files from one system to other will cause severe damage to the word file leading you to inaccessibility of Word files.
  • Word file corrupts can occur during file transfer from one place to another within the hard drive or between different storage media.
  • Header stores all the information of Word document so if by any chance header of the word file gets damaged then you will not be able to access document.
  • If you are transferring or copying word document  from corrupted  storage device then also there is a high chance of inaccessibility of files

No matter whatever may be the reason for corruption you can easily repair corrupted word files using doc file fix tool. It fixes as well as restores text, OLE objects, hyperlinks, etc. It can be executed on all versions on MS Office word such as 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010. It also runs on latest versions of Windows Operating System. It is a powerful scanning algorithm which fixes all the corrupted word files within a couple of minutes.