Effective solution to recover lost partition


Hard drive is a storage device whose storage capacity ranges from several gigabytes (GB) to terabytes (TB). Some most popular brands of hard drives are Sea-gate, Hitachi, Samsung, Western Digital, Simple Tech and many more. Often the systems have their inbuilt storage medium and also there is an option to extend you storage capacity through external hard drive if required. Large music files, images, movies, documents hard drive are stored in partitions. Partitions are created on hard drive by using disk management tool. Creating partition will help user to manage system data, in proper manner. But sometime partitions created on the hard drive are lost or deleted due to various reasons and you will lose your entire partition data.

To make it simple let’s assume a situation: You were creating a new partition on your hard disk, using “Disk Management” tool. But while creating a partition sudden power surge occurs and the system is terminated abnormally. You check for the power source and restart your system, but you get shocked after find out that one of your partitions is missing from your hard disk. Losing a complete partition, will leads to a big disappoint as you don’t know how to recover lost partition now.

If you are the one who stuck is similar situation as defined above, and still wondering for a way to recover that lost partition back? Then right here you will get the solution of your problem. Is partition recovery possible? Is the most common question, which strike in user’s minds after losing valuable partition and luckily the answer to the question is yes! You can easily recover the lost /missing /deleted partition with the help of advance partition recovery software.

There are many instances of losing partitions from system hard drives. If partition on the hard disk is deleted or lost, then it’s hard to get back the lost data from the hard disk. But partition recovery software makes it very simple and easy. Before switch to the recovery process, first let’s have look on few reasons, which results in lost/deletion of partitions from hard drives:

  • Re-partitioning of hard drive: When there is a need of changing the size of existing partition, then user’s option for repartitioning. If re-partitioning process goes wrong then this may corrupt the current partition, which in turn leads to heavy data loss.
  • Re-formatting a partition: There are some circumstances in which you have change your old files system to new file system (from FAT to NTFS file system) then the process is so called reformatting. This process sometimes may get interrupted and cause to heavy data loss.
  • Virus infection: Different viruses are there which are capable of our infecting and or deleting the partitions like malware, spyware, and Trojans are the most widely spread viruses which can cause data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of partition: An accidental deletion of partition is the most common scenario amongst all. Sometime people accidentally format wrong partition and after formatting they come to know that they had formatted the wrong drive.

So there are some precautions that have to be followed in order to abstain from critical data loss, it is always a good to take a proper backup of important data, which makes you to restore the deleted /lost critical files and keep you safe in terms of your important data. In case if you have not done with the back up’s or restoring points creation, then still there is not much to bother about the partitions lost just you need to download the partition recovery tool which assures you for your data recovery. You can easily recover deleted partition from hard drive using this software.

It is an excellent recovery tool to recover missing or deleted partition from Windows or Mac based PC. It has user-friendly interface so that user with less technical knowledge (or not even less) can also use this application. Firstly, go for the trial version of this utility to check its performance. If you find that trial version did well for you, then download licensed version of the tool to save recovered data.