Essential Software To Retrieve Lost Files From Hard Drive


My file is not there where I copied it in the system folder. Is there any possible way to recover lost data during copying? 

I had a very important audio file in my flash drive where I kept updates of the file regularly. Now I need it, anyone suggest good file recovery software to retrieve lost data? 

I just copied a file to my ipod nano but the file in the device is misplaced. What should I do now to get back the file?

Missing data while copying doesn’t mean that the file is lost permanently it might be because of unsupported file format with the external device which can be restored easily by using recovery option. Other possible factors behind file missing are how the file may not be copied properly or copied to wrong location. Some of them are .The device may be removed before copy process is conducted or power failure through the file transfer or detaching the external device without the need for the safely remove option from the taskbar tray. Whatever the scenario could be the main aspect to be noted is the deleted or the lost file remain inside the external device fortunately. As always you are able to recover lost files during copying and other media files too only up to and including certain extent.

What about recovery in external storage devices?

Every time a data file is copied with an external device there occur file system conversions so the media file is well accessible with the devices which stores them even without power. Commonly the file system utilized by the external storage devices is FAT32 file system. The info file missing issue is due to incompletion of copying process or possibly a process abortion during file transfer is done either known or unknown. In such time there is absolutely no such option except to go with the recovery utility. If the products released by Apple Corporation for example ipod nano and shuffle these devices reset options used in order that the unit may be used in other OS also because worldwide windows are the leading in OS provider where ipod is really a child of Mac. But in the same time to retrieve lost files from hard drive using windows is really a risky job which can be needs to be provided within reach of a great recovery program.

Proper time to utilize a recovery tool

A recovery tool works within a typically unique manner aside from other application utility used. The software program first pursuit of a selected deleted file or sometimes the whole it all depends upon the person itself. Then it will rewrite the index that is provides for a table of content for that OS to access the info at any illustration showing time. At the same time the file is found it can be saved in another location inside the system. So it might be reused .A fantastic recovery tool have to be competent at retrieving files even after the alteration in file system.

Does there be any notable tool available?

Certainly one of such good tool is mentioned below. Likely to accessibility of recovering lost files from external storage devices. In those devices sometimes there appears a controversy within the computer software utilities used. This sort of problem arises as a result of believe that 2 programs cannot run simultaneously as a result of bugs and resource sharing problem .For the reason that cases you’ll find high likelihood of mp3 files missing or cut through. This weird thing may be rectified by this tool

The other features for picking this place are mentioned below.

  • Ø This highly efficient software may be positioned in both leading OS for example Windows and Mac so the external device might be connected and recovered easily
  • Ø However this software not just recovers media files which can be in mp3 format and also a good recovery tool for audio, video as well as other media files
  • Ø Well-Supported massive media file formats in MAC and windows operating systems that are popular
  • Ø Truly it revives file having its highly efficient algorithm which scans the drive for deleted and lost files in an active manner


Please don’t dump the inner or external drive with data’s that demand to be recovered given it may ruin the data permanently.