External Drive Data Removal Software


To wipe out your external drive data, users must need proper file eraser software on their system. The software should erase contents of the external drive in this way so that no other file recovery software will be able to restore them. Every time users usually store their all crucial documents on the computer hard drive or if it is not enough then on other external storage devices. External drives contain details along with bank details, passwords, personal images or other details. If these details get accessed someone else then they may misuse them. It will be the reason for your headache. That time you will not have any option. So before something happening like this, look for any kind of permanent prevention of your problem. In this regard you may use drive wipe kind of software.

May be you are thinking to purchase one new external drive. So, you may try to sell the older one of yours. Before selling your external storage device, you want to make it clear that no data will exist there as all files need to remove permanently. With drive erase utility you can perform it very easily. Choose one such software which will destroy your saved files permanently without any confusion. For normal data deletion or storing new data on external hard drive it is not required for the user as new files will automatically occupy that place by overwriting existing files. But in case of giving it to someone is not safe at all without wiping out existing data of the drive.

Wiping off files from external hard d rive is the most secure procedure for any of the users. Any drive wiping tools perform this procedure by overwriting existing files so many times with some garbage values. So there will be no further chance of missing any file. It will clean up your drive with great excellence. Many of the users think that using shift delete option or formatting external drive files takes away all contents of drive. No one will be able to access your files any longer. But still your deleted files exist on that external drive. So cleaning up the external hard drive file has become very much necessary. Permanently deleting files is possible with mostly recommended drive wiping software. Here the mentioned software is considered as the best one as it supports all those processes of drive wipe which has been introduced by government and worldwide defense bodies.

There are nine such procedures have been introduced by defense groups from worldwide. All of them are mentioned here. Fast Zero Overwrite, Random overwrite, Peter Gutmann secure deletion, US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M), North Atlantic Treaty Organization-NATO standard etc are the ways of permanent data deletion. Among these mentioned techniques DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion and US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) + Gutmann method follows high security levels. As they do the procedure of data overwriting many times using garbage values again and again. So chance remains when you miss any of the files to overwrite them with garbage values. Not only this, it is mostly preferred software due to its simple to use interface. Here is the link for the mentioned software, http://www.wipemydrive.net/external.html. Due to which most amateur users can also do the  drive wipe process within few moments.

Wipe My Drive software is the last option for all the users as it fulfills all expectations of its users. It erases all private details safely and easily so that no doubt will be there. This software supports file systems FAT 16, Fat 32, NTFS etc. As it works on Windows computer so you can successfully install it on any Windows operating system editions. There is no such file types which does not supported by this extraordinary drive wipe software. So in initial case of your data deletion permanently you just need to download the software demo version which free of cost. After completing that you just need to do is follow mentioned instructions how to perform rest of the process of drive wipe. It also guarantees complete customer satisfaction.