Formatted Hard Drive Recovery


Formatting hard drive means losing all the data from the partition. It erases all data and information from the hard drive and completely cleanses all information from it. Whenever we are formatting the partition, the file structure of the hard drive is deleted. Now what to do if you have formatted your hard drive partition and lost data from the particular drive partition? So many important files were there in that partition. Do you want to recover those files from that particular formatted partition? If yes, then you need to use the recovery software to recover formatted hard drive.

Hard drive partitions we generally create to manage huge amount of data on the hard drive properly or systematically. Sometimes for installing more than one operating system on a single computer, we generally create partitions. However, while creating a new partition or formatting the existing partition we always forget to take the back up of stored data. In that case, we should be dependent on some recovery tool, which will be able to restore those lost files from any hard drive partition. Using the recovery software, formatted hard drive data recovery is not a big issue anymore.  Depending on the seriousness of the lost data, it totally depends on you, how fast you want to recover those files from hard drive.

While formatting hard drive we often forget about the important data stored in the hard drive. After the format process is over, we realize what mistake we have done. That is too late to regret. You usually format the hard drive due to some reasons like due to the virus attack. Sometime when you get a sudden outbreak like one of the hard drive partition is missing or the partition table of the hard drive is corrupted, then the only hope remains is this hard drive recovery software. Missing hard drive partition does not mean loss of all data. You can still recover the lost files. Dual boot is another problem of data loss. Having one operating system already installed in the system and you are trying to install another one on another hard drive partition leads to data loss from hard drive. In the master boot record of your Windows PC, if any corruption occurs it may lead to data loss. But recovery of lost data is possible with this recovery tool.

Formatted hard drive recovery tool is the software made with the responsibility of recovering data from hard drive after formatting the hard disk. It has the capability of restoring 300 types of file formats from the formatted hard drive. This unique recovery tool not only restores hard drive data but also it supports any kind of storage devices like USB drives, memory cards, iPods etc. In case of bad sectors of hard drives, it creates disk image to recover the lost files properly. This software comes with the preview option with the trial version of the software. You can get it here and check its capability before the final purchase of the software.