Guide to Recover Lost Data from Hard Disk Drive


Files are store on the different devices in order to access saved data whenever required. Hard disk drive is one of the storage devices which are used in different devices to save the data. Basically hard drive is the floppy disk type which saves the different kinds of data like audio file, image file, video files, games, software applications, Microsoft files and many other different files.

These different kinds of files are stored in the HDD device at the same place. Sometimes because of this, user may feel some difficulty while searching the file for using it. There is option in many devices to find the required file directly by just giving the name of the file in the search title box. With the help of the name of file provided by the users, file will be display in front on the screen and users can easily access the files.

As the bulk amount of data is stored on the hard drive, so there will be issue to make use of files of hard disk. To overcome this, many techniques were implemented to find file easily in huge data. Partitions of the hard disk drive are made into many disks as per the requirement of users. Partitions are the sub divisions of the hard drive which saves the data of hard disk. Different files of HDD are stores in the partitions due to this facility user will access the files easily by simply searching the require file in the respective partition.  Due to the partitions, dual booting is also possible now for the system.

Dual booting is nothing but operating of two different operating systems on two separate partition of single hard drive. Windows and Mac both OS can be possible is just because of repartitions of hard drive. Hard drive is most preferable device which is used by different users is just because of its advanced options and facilities. Similar to the other thing, Hard disk may also loss the files from the device because of many reasons. Let us firstly see one example in which data get lost from the hard drive.

Let us suppose you are working on the hard drive. Instead of doing any other option, you may have chance that you can go for the formatting the hard drive unintentionally. With the formatting the hard drive it results in loss of files from the hard disk and make the drive emptied without storing any data. This is one scenario in which all data get erased because of the option format. This is the accidental case of losing the files from the hard drive. Here at this stage, you will look to perform lost drive recovery in order to get back the data. This process of recovering can be done with the help of recovery tools.

Before knowing more about the features and working of this recovering tool, let us see the other scenarios in which files get deleted from the hard drive.

  • When you store the files on the hard disk which are containing some bad sectors, then this bad sector erased the data from the HDD. So in this case also files get lost from the hard disk.
  • When the virus or any external attack the data of hard drive, then due to this files become inaccessible So the user delete the files forcefully and it may result in loss of files from the hard drive.
  • Header file get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons. If it happened then it is not possible to access the files of hard disk as it store the information regarding the files.

Salient characteristics of Lost Drive Recovery tool:

  • It allows user to recover different kinds of files with ease and restore the files on the drive without any change in the original file.
  • This tool has the facility to scan the entire device for searching of lost file on the hard drive.
  • It performs recovery on both OS that is on Windows and Mac.