How Scan PST Repair Tool Can Easily Fix PST File?


MS Outlook is one of the famous tool used to exchange information through mails via internet. And also it helps to store and access other attributes like notes, calendar, contacts, journals, appointments etc. Each and every information of this Outlook gets stored in a single folder called Personal Storage Table (PST).

If any account is created in Microsoft Outlook, it naturally creates a PST file with an extension of .pst. One PST file is not restricted to have one user you can import various PST records to have them as organizers in your Outlook by using “Import Export Wizard” which are accessible from Outlook File menu. If there are many number of PST files one of them will be synchronized as a default which stores all your Outlook files. Sometimes this PST file becomes inaccessible which indicates that the file is damaged or corrupted due some reasons which are mentioned below.

Whether your PST file is corrupted or inaccessible? Do you want to recover your lost / deleted emails? Then don’t worry, because Scan PST repair tool is one of the recovery software which recovers all your deleted emails and other attributes from the corrupted PST file.  Also this software supports recovery of attachments and embedded objects in emails.

pst-fileScenarios for corruption of PST file:

Oversized PST files – In earlier versions of Outlook, PST file had a limitation of size up to 2GB, if file size exceeds the limits then this may lead to corruption. This may happen when you do not delete the unwanted emails from the Inbox or other Outlook folders.

PST file corrupted due to errors while compressing – Sometimes you may need to compact your PST file when you feel that it is large in size. Errors during compressing process might result in the PST file getting corrupted leading to emails being lost and other important PST components.

Anti-virus scanning leading to PST file corruption – You might be using an anti-virus that scans both incoming and outgoing emails and ensures safety of your computer. However, this anti-virus software might interfere with the receiving and sending process leading to corruption of the PST file.

PST file header corruption – There are instances when the PST file header gets corrupted when you exit Outlook in an improper manner or close your Outlook without letting Outlook to close the PST file properly. This could result in corruption of the entire PST file leading to loss of emails.

If you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios just opt for Scan PST repair tool which helps you to recover all your corrupted or damaged files in a simple way, also this product will be easy to use and don’t require any extra abilities.

Unique Features of Scan PST repair tool

  • Capable to repair PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Repairs corrupt files and recovers your email messages, folders, calendar, contacts, RSS Feeds, appointments, tasks, journals, meetings, notes, folders etc
  • Supports in repairing password protected PST files
  • Repairs oversized PST file that happens when it exceeds size more than 2 GB in older versions of MS Outlook.
  • Ability to repair PST files with high encryption.