How to Recover Data from Failed Laptop Hard Drive?


“Hi guys, I own a Dell laptop which runs on Windows-7 with 32-Bit OS. Recently, I am facing lot of trouble while working on laptop. All of sudden a blue screen appears in laptop and then laptop automatically re-boots again and again and finally gets shutdown. No matter what I try, even after manually restarting the computer, the same error screen appears. It makes me, feel more anxious! I surfed over the internet to find a remedy for this problem and found that my laptop hard dive has failed! Can anyone guide me the reason behind such problem? Are there any possibilities / application by which I can recover data from my failed laptop hard disk? If so, Kindly suggest me the best laptop hard disk recovery utility. Thanks in anticipation!”

If you face similar kind of issue, there is no need to get tensed. Because, the blue screen and frequent automatic re-booting of your laptop indicates that the hard drive has failed. Now you may start to ask questions like what to do now? How to recover the data from it?,etc. If you have such queries, then continue reading this article to know the secret behind the hard disk failure and how to get back data from laptop hard drive.

Laptops are mostly preferred due to its ergonomic design and can be carried out whenever it is required. However, hard disk failures are more common now days and your laptop hard disk fails more often than desktop HDDs. Your laptop hard disk might get failed due to many reasons. But, you can always easily restore all the data from it, with the help of “laptop hard disk recovery” application in an effective manner.

Some of the Reasons behind Laptop HDDs Failure:

  • Interruption: While performing installation / re-installation of operating system on your laptop, if you suddenly interrupt the process by any means like forcefully shutdown the laptop, removing the OS disk from its drive etc. may cause in failing the hard drive of your laptop.
  • Operating System Corruption: The OS installed on your laptop might get corrupted on time due to various reasons; in such cases the file system of your drive may get affected. This may be the reason behind discontinuous booting of the laptop during operation.
  • Bad Sector: 50% of the total reasons behind appearance of blue screen is because, of logical bad sectors developed on your laptop HDD.
  • Header corruption: Header is an important part of the laptop HDD, which contains all important information related to hard drive. Suppose, if it gets corrupted the OS is unable to read boot sector information present on hard drive which lead to continuous booting of your laptop.

In order to recover data from failure reasons, disconnect your failed laptop hard disk carefully and connect to another computer. Download and install this efficient “Laptop Disk Recovery” tool on that computer. Follow the instructions of the software which will get back all your data from the failed HD. The laptop hard disk recovery supports RAID-0, RAID-1 and RAID-5 partitions and can easily get back data from an inaccessible laptop HDDs