How to recover lost documents from your computer


Whenever the documents are accidentally deleted or unable to access files due to some logical damage inside the hard drive, then the user think that these files are gone forever. But it is wrong since it is possible to recover lost documents by making use of some third party tools.  You may be surprising how files are restored back even after deleting from Recycle Bin. Lost file recovery is possible by using data recovery software because when you delete any file, the index of that file will be deleted and the actual content is still available on hard drive. The reasons behind document loss is anything, it can be recovered using this tool within few minutes.

A few guidelines to recover files from your computer and how to prevent loss of documents are explained below.

  • Loss of important documents due to virus attack is a most common problem facing most of the computer users.  The virus can corrupt files partially or sometimes it will delete file from your system. The virus can occur if you have connected USB drive that is having viruses, to your system or due to browsing and downloading contents from unauthorized sites. To prevent data loss from such scenario, you can make use of quality antivirus software inside your computer.
  • Do not defragment your hard drive before recovering lost documents from it. You can increase the chances of lost file recovery by making use of hard drive recovery software.
  • When you are going to make use of any recovery tool, make sure that it is able to recover your files and it will work on your system. Getting information regarding recovery tool can help you to get back lost documents quickly by making use of appropriate data recovery software.
  • You should be familiar about file system and operating system, which you are using in recovery tool. This knowledge is required because some recovery tools can support only on certain OS and file systems.
  • If you have most important documents like your project information, billing details, list of candidates etc. then create backup of these documents, to be in a safe side.

Even after following the above mentioned precautions, you will lose files from your hard drive due to lot of unknown reasons. You can lose files due to hard drive damage, power failure, re – partitioning error, accidental formatting of hard drive, emptying Recycle Bin and some third party applications. Under these situations, you can lose any type of file such as excel file, photos, video files, etc. Suppose you have lost excel file having important information, then you want to recover it at any condition. Then you can recover lost excel document with the help of data recovery software, which can be obtained through internet.

Computer file recovery software is a good recovery tool which can easily recover word documents, excel file, audio, video file, photos etc. To recover files, it will take the help of inbuilt scanning algorithm, using which it scans complete drive and restores all documents within few minutes. Using this tool, you can recover files on various versions of Windows operating such as Windows 7, vista, XP, etc. it can be used to recover files from different types of storage devices such as hard drives (SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.), flash memory cards (SD, CF, MMC, XD – picture, etc.), Pen drive, FireWire drives, etc. It supports file recovery from both FAT and NTFS partitions / drives. The trial version of this can also be obtained from the company website. You can download it in a healthy computer system and estimate document recovery, before paying for full version of this application. Once you have cleared doubts related to recovery software using its demo version, then you can use complete version of the software and get back all lost documents.