How to Recover Mac OS X Hard Disk?


Hard disk drives are inbuilt storage devices on computer system. Hard disk is divided into different logical parts are called as volumes in Mac series and partitions in Windows Operating system. By these logical volumes/ partition you can have different look on storage of user data, system files and folders, and software etc. Hard disk makes Mac OS to organize, store, and retrieve data efficiently.

Sometimes user may come across situation where logical volume do not mount properly, it may be due to you hard disk corruption. Don’t waste your valuable time to search about how to perform hard disk recovery on Mac. Here you have a reliable tool called Mac Disk Recovery Program. This utility can be easily overcome data loss scenarios. There are numerous circumstances in which you may come across while using your Macintosh OS that may lead to deletion of data or media files. This tool is also used to recover lost data from external USB hard drives. The USB hard drives huge data storage capacity. It is used to keep back up of important and confidential data. Mac Disk Recovery utility has a capability to recover files and folders of text, pictures, audio, video and many more. Read more about Mac disk  recovery on

Scenarios in which Mac hard disk data deletion or Loss occurs:

  • Unintentional Deletion or format or reformat of data on hard disk: This type of situation is caused mainly because of human mistakes. Users are disposed to make mistakes.  If you might want to delete a logical storage unit or volume, but unintentionally deletes/ formats/ reformats a volume that includes all important data and files.
  • Improper Handling of external devices: If you plugging or unplugging external devices like USB hard drivers, external hard drive and flash memory card etc., frequently then system will pops up an error  message asking whether you need to format device, if you choose format option accidentally then your entire device get format.
  • Strong viral infection: Users often upload and download several files on their hard disk from internet. There is always unintentional viral attack when users use net at a high range or without any internet security. These scenarios may leave you with no option, other than formatting the entire hard disk.

Other reasons such as power failure while installing dual operating system leads to data loss in hard drive, blue screen dumping when MBR is fail, bad sector formation and hard disk crash etc., will cause data loss on Mac hard disk.

 Precautions to be taken:

  • You may easily recognize your corrupted hard drive by observing beep sound when you operating mouse or keyboard. Proceed towards the problem and follow some instruction mentioned below.
  • It is considered a smart work when user instantly stops writing or saving any file or documents into the hard drive. If users continue to work even after data loss or deletion, this may lead overwriting, thereby resulting into permanent deletion.
  • User should not download or upload any type of files after volume gets deleted. As for future distress, user should avoid usage of unsecure third party utility, to prevent data deletion.
  • Use viral free external drives to store or back up your important data.
  • Connect external power supply such as UPS while checking system configurations, upgrading latest OS, and transferring data from external USB drives or flash drives.

Significant features of Mac Disk Recovery Program:

  • This software comes with definitive volume scanning engine to recover data from accidentally deleted volumes in Mac disk.
  • Mac Disk recovery utility is designed with built-in deep scanning algorithms to find and recover data from deleted volumes.
  • Provides preview option to recovered volumes in Mac finder styled interface.
  • This application works on 64-bit Mac Operating System. This software provides reliable results with all version of the Mac Operating System such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion etc.
  • This utility also retrieves file and documents from file system like HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 of hard disk.
  • This program supports recovery of volumes from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, memory cards, and Fire Wire drives.

Click download button to install free demo version and verify the performance of this software through preview option. To restore previewed files and folders in system you need to buy license key of this application.