How to recover mp3 files from formatted SD card?


MP3 files made a revolution within the audio industry. MP3 file is often recognized to us as audio file format which is compressed format of digital audio. MP3 file could be shared through internet, phone, smart phone memory cards etc. Nowadays the songs listeners store their best songs in  mobile phones and SD cards. Many times you format your SD card accidentally for that reason the loss of mp3 files could happen.  In such situation you must know how you can restore mp3 files after format.

Due to availability of various utilities, mp3 recovery from SD cards has grown to be easy. In case you have lost mp3 file from SD card or from mobile phones then you definitely must use good mp3 recovery tool which can effectively recover your formatted files from SD card.

If you’re in search of mp3 recovery from SD card I quickly suggest mp3 recovery tool. This tool is capable of retrieving formatted files along with other photo files contained in it.

Main reasons behind loss in mp3 files due to SD card format:

 Accidental formatting of the memory: Sometimes when you connect SD card via card reader, it shows an instant format message. In case you unknowingly press format option you’ll lose each of the important mp3 files and other files too.

Abruptly removing SD card: Whenever you desire to transfer MP3 files from SD card to system via card reader, then during those times if you unexpectedly eject the card, then there might be a possibility of storage device corruption. This sort of incident results in loss of data.

Virus infection: Virus infection is quite common factor responsible for corrupting of MP3 files on SD card .Your SD card gets corrupted with the virus infections once you unknowingly hook up with virus infected system.

In case you have lost many mp3 files as a result of previously listed scenarios then don’t panic, since you can easily recover them by making use of best mp3 recovery tool. For more information visit

Exceptional Features of Best mp3 recovery tool:

  • This software is made with simple GUI & even an non-technical user can utilize it to acquire back lost data from corrupted SD card with utmost ease
  • The software is capable of restore mp3 files from popular storage brands like brands like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Samsung, HP etc.
  • This software can restore files from flash memory cards like SD, SDHC, XD, MMC, Thumb drive etc.
  • It supports recoverability of all popular audio file types.
  • By employing this software, it’s also possible to retrieve photos, video, audios, etc. effortlessly.
  • It has got resume and save facility using ‘save recovery session’ option, which cuts down the effort of re-scanning.

Useful Suggestions:

Don’t eject the memory card when the transferring process is in progress. If you do it, then this causes corruption of files which in turn leads to formatting.

Don’t store any mp3, video and audio files on a corrupted SD card. For more information visit