How to rescue data from formatted hard drive?


After formatting of hard drive you may have lost your vital data. There are several reasons of hard drive formatting. Sometimes you may have formatted hard drive while your computer runs sluggish or at the time of starting it will show some error messages. It may be that you have lost your pictures, documents or may be lost your vital project data after formatting hard drive. Whenever you have formatted a hard drive then it doesn’t delete data stored on the hard disk, it only erase the address tables and link between the file pointer and data. Formatting makes previous data inaccessible and finally leads to loss of data. The situation becomes even more critical if you will not find any system tools to overcome from this situation. Don’t be panic!!! As Recover Formatted application can rescue your vital data with few mouse clicks.

Sometimes after formatting hard drive of your system, it may throw some error message like “disk error”. It happens because of improper formatting of hard disk drive. Because of this improper formatting data stored on hard drive become inaccessible or disappear from the hard drive of your system. Sometimes accidental format of hard disk drive is possible, suppose in place of a particular hard disk partition you may have formatted a different hard disk partition. If it happens then severe loss of data from hard drive of your system is possible. If you have stored any vital files on that accidentally formatted hard drive then loss of those essential files is definite.

If during hard drive formatting boot error occurs then sometimes booting operation may get stopped and it may lead to severe loss from the hard disk device. Defragmentation operation sometimes may delete the partition table. If partition table of hard drive of your system get deleted then link between the data stored on hard disk and the file pointer also get deleted and your vital data become inaccessible and finally loss of data in certain. In this scenario if you want to restore formatted data then must need a proper data recovery tool. Even sometimes quick format of any particular hard drive is possible and it leads to severe loss of vital data.

If you are aware about the precautions to prevent data from formatting operation, then you can easily avoid the above written data loss scenarios. Always check the content before formatting of any hard drive partition to avoid loss of your vital files.  Create and update backup of your data stored on hard disk drive. So that if you have lost files after formatting then you can retrieve data from backup.

Recover Formatted application is skilled enough to recover formatted hard drive after formatting of it. Even if you have lost your data due to file system corruption then also you can revive your lost data. You can retrieve lost data from FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 partitions. You can recover files from formatted drive easily which may have lost due to any formatting errors. In spite of these you can rescue lost data after formatting of any USB drive or formatting of memory card.