How to Watch Web Videos After Uninstalling Flash Player?


Adobe Flash is the free software which is available for using content created on the web browser including multimedia files like video files and even you can play the games on web with the help of this software. Flash Player can run the streaming of the audio and video files on the different websites. Adobe Flash Player has a wide user interface and it is a common format for games, animations, graphics, etc. XML, JPEG, MP3, FLV etc are the different formats which are well supported by the Flash media player.

Instead of these features of this software, there are some situations in which users opt for uninstalling this software on the web either forcefully or unknowingly. Then also it is possible to watch video even after uninstalling Flash Player on your computer device. Now let us consider one scenario in which user forcefully opt for uninstall of this player.How to Watch Web Videos After Uninstalling Flash

Let us suppose you are using the old version of the Adobe Flash, sometimes when you desire to watch video on the web then you will get notification saying that new update version is available for your web, install it to get beneficiated with the updated features of this software. Then it is needed to install new update version of Flash player after this notification then it is needed you to visit adobe site and downloaded the new version. After complete download of this player version, if it’s failed to work then here you need to reinstall this app again to get access. Sometimes it’s won’t get install as you will not find download option after many tries. So users may get frustrated and opt for uninstalling this app.

How to Uninstall Flash Player on Windows and Mac:

  • Go to the Adobe site and download the uninstaller Windows Flash.
  • Then after completion of the process, close all browser and any other programs that uses Flash Player.
  • Open the app uninstaller Windows Flash and click for uninstall of the player. Then it will work for on uninstalling Flash player.
  • While coming to the Mac version, it is quite similar but it will differ in Safari browser, as you needed to download uninstaller app from this browser.
  • After installing, close all programs related to this player and open uninstaller.
  • Then uninstall Flash Player by using this uninstaller and this how you can uninstall Adobe player on Windows and Mac computers.
  • You can even verify the status of the Flash player in Run tool box.

How to Watch Web Videos After Uninstalling Flash Player?

Sometimes, users get need of watching web videos even after uninstalling Flash player. In such scenarios you need not to worry as many mobile devices may not requires Flash Player for accessing the videos, games and many more applications. Now let us see the solution for watching video after uninstalling Flash Player on your computer devices.

Many Android devices, iPads, iPhones, etc. are the different devices which doesn’t support Flash player and web developers offers HTML5 videos to watch the videos instead of using this Flash Player. The best way you can do it to watch video even after uninstall the Flash player on web is to used the mobile version websites which supports the playing of videos files and the games applications without accessing this Flash player. So it is better to use mobile website for watching video files.  The other solution may be that you can make use of the other websites which doesn’t supports the Flash player and try to download some other plug in for accessing the files. Here’s more about other options for watching video files after uninstalling Adobe Flash player.