Perform Formatted Drive Recovery in an Easy Way


desktop_hard_drive3Recover Formatted Drive is the advanced recovery software that used to regain all necessary data from formatted drive. With the assist of strong scanning algorithm you can get back entire data on various editions of both Mac and Windows operating system such as Yosemite, Lion, Windows XP, Windows 10, Snow Leopard, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mavericks, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Mountain Lion, and so on. This file recovery tool is designed and developed with user friendly interface options so that even new users can easily restore their lost/missing files formatted drive. Recovered files can be viewed by using “Preview” option prior storing them on any data storage medium. With the help of Recover Formatted Drive application you can create a “Disk Image” copy to skip the bad sectors in the drive.

Computer hard drive is used to save all details business and personal files. These hard drives are of two types namely internal and external drives. Internal drives are fixed into the computer or laptop by using interface cables whereas external drives are portable/removable disk. Logical drives has different file systems including NTFS, ExtFAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, and NTFS5 partitions that are used in various partitions, file systems which are responsible to achieve how files to be access and store on partition. At times, many computer users loss their important data due to intentional or unintentional format of the drive. In such circumstances, there is a possibility of huge data loss from the formatted drive hence make use of Recover Formatted Drive to get back missing files.

Format may be performed in following scenarios:

  • At times, you may prefer to format one of the drive/volume from your PC or laptop hard drive. While selecting drive you might accidently select ‘C’ drive instead of choosing ‘D’ drive/volume. This leads to erase of entire data stored in ‘C’ drive and you may end up with severe data loss.
  • As soon as you attach external drive to your system/laptop you may face format error message like “Do you want to format drive ” if they intentionally click on ok button without taking proper backup of data then there is a chance of data loss from formatted hard drive.
  • Sometimes, your hard drive partition may get damage or corrupt because of harmful malware, Trojans, worms, etc. These malicious threats affect the hard drive and leads to inaccessible. In such case, you need to format the drive to access in the future. In order to undelete data after format make use of the powerful recovery application is Recover Formatted Drive software in your system.
  • If you like to modify the current size of the existing drive partitions on computer hard drive, repartitioning of hard drive is done. During this process, if you encounter with some error messages then it leads to erase/loss of data from the hard drive.

Some of the other scenarios that leads to data loss are frequent power failure while accessing or reading files, file system corruption, software crash, hard drive issues, use of third party utility, bad sectors, etc.

Important characteristics of Recover Formatted Drive tool:

1.With the help of this utility you can save or resume recovery process to avoid rescanning of hard drives.

2.You can perform formatted drive recovery on different hard drive interface such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc.

3.Communicate with support team if you struck in between recovering of files.

4.This data recovery software is totally free from all sort of viruses.

5.Recovers more than 200 different type of files and folders on several brands of hard drives.