Proficient Tool to recover Deleted Photos from XD Card


Memory card are utilized to the retailer all of the photos that has been captured. These digital photos tend to be more liable to deletion due to the performance of unsafe deletion or selection function. Sometimes an incorrect operation might happen that deletes the selected or all the photos instantly form the memory card. Assume that you have captured many photos from your digital camera and all those will be stored on the XD card. But you made one mistake that is, you pull out the XD card from the digital camera unknowingly without switching off your camera. Later when you try to access those photos from the camera which you have captured from the same XD card, you were shocked to observe that error message has been displayed that memory card has been locked. Hence it became unable to access those photos from the XD card. Now you will be searching for the efficient memory card recovery tool to know how to recover deleted photos from XD card without affecting its originality.

Let us have a view on the causes for deletion of photos from XD card

  • When you are previewing photos from your mobile phone, you accidentally click on “delete” option that will result in deletion of precious photos stored on it.
  • Sometimes in a hurry, you copy or mark the photo files and finally end up with deletion of valuable photos stored on the XD card.
  • While removing some unwanted photos, you might accidentally delete your favorite photo files.
  • While you are formatting or reformatting the system hard drive, you may accidentally format the XD card to make some free space, then the photo files stored on it gets wiped off.
  • Selecting delete all option from the digital camera in hast.
  • Deletion of all the files on the XD card including the photo files due to infection from harmful viruses.

Solution for this problem

However you must understand that when a file gets deleted from the XD card, it has not gone forever. Only the entries from the XD card are deleted. In order to overcome the deletion of photo files from the XD card, you must make use of the best deleted XD card recovery tool that effectively supports to recover all your deleted photos stored on the XD card without any difficulty.

How this XD card recovery tool works

XD card recovery tool helps to get back all your intentionally or unintentionally deleted photos from the XD card. You can use this software when you accidentally delete photos from the XD card using delete all option. This software supports to recover photo deleted on different brands of cameras like Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon Digital Camera, Olympus, Kodak, Sony etc. It also recovers photos from other storage devices like iPods, USB flash drives, desktop drives, laptop drives, etc.

How to evaluate the efficiency of this software

Hence it is clear that XD card recovery tool is the best software that effectively supports to get back your deleted photos. You can also download its free demo version of this software from the internet to evaluate its efficiency. If you are satisfied you can purchase its licensed version to store all those recovered photo files with reasonable price.