Reliable Software to Recover Data from Samsung SD Card


Samsung SD card data recovery softwareSecure Digital (SD) card is a portable device used to access, store and share data from different electronics gadgets. The files that can be stored on SD cards are videos, pictures, audio files and documents. It is safe to store files on SD cards for further backups. Sometimes you may accidentally deleted files which results in severe data loss.

Under such circumstances, you can use Samsung SD card recovery software to recover files without any issues. This tool is compatible in recovering files on different version of Windows and Mac system. With the use of this tool, you are able to recover almost all files types in few mouse clicks. This software has easy to use interface so that anyone can easily recover files with utmost ease. You can get this software online to restore files.

Reasons for data loss from Samsung SD card

  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • Error while File Transfer
  • Abrupt Ejection
  • File System Corruption
  • Bad Sector
  • Virus Attack
  • Use of Unreliable Tool

Samsung SD card data recovery software can be used to overcome above mentioned scenarios. It is robust and reliable to perform file recovery from Samsung SD card as well as from different brands of SD card.

Features of Samsung Recovery Tool

This recovery tool can be downloaded, installed and used all the versions of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, XP and Vista) and Mac (Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc) based system. It requires only 50 MB space on your hard drive to install this application. Using this recovery program, you are able to recover 330 types effectively. It also provides users option to add new files by its own. Save Recovery Session is one of the unique features of this tool to resume the recovery session any time. In case, you are recovering data from SD card then you are advised not to disconnect the device until the recovery process is complete otherwise you have to restart the recovery process from the beginning. It also provides you an option to check the performance of this tool, if you are satisfied then you can purchase the licensed version.

Steps to recover data from SD card

Step I: Download and install recovery program on your laptop or PC. Next is to Run this software to perform file recovery from SD card and press Next.

Step II: After pressing next button, you have the option to select the SD card from which you want to recover deleted or lost file. Select the particular partition and enter next button.

Step III: Once you press next press, the software starts scanning selected partition and shows you the results that which files are recoverable. You have two options of scanning, if you are not satisfied with the normal scan then you can go for smart scan.