Simple Tool to Repair PST File


Microsoft Outlook has emerged as a useful tool to send a lot of essential information to the recipients with the help of email, journal and calendar etc. Basically, it comes implicitly with the Microsoft Office. PST which stands for Personal Storage Table is an open file format which is being used to accumulate emails, messages and different calendar items. Usually these PST file are used to store files in an archived format and these are supported by different Microsoft applications because these are the files which are used by both professional and non-professional users.

As everyone knows that, if we are suppose to transfer some of the necessary files, we would be doing it with the help of email and we start compressing the file. As these files are transferred via internet there is a chance that these files might get infected.

What should be your first and foremost step???We can go for the inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool just to ensure that which are the files which have been corrupted. To get more information about inbuilt Inbox repair tool i.e. Scanpst.exe, visit this page: So does the Scan PST tool proves reliable in repairing the damaged the PST files??The answer is no because the Scan PST tool has certain drawback and i.e. it is not capable of repairing all the corrupted PST files and the second reason which justifies the incapability is that while dealing with the PST files. It makes changes in the original PST file. Hence in order to compensate the drawbacks, Fix PST File tool comes into existence.

Reasons behind the corruption of PST file

  • There are several versions of Microsoft Outlook and if someone tries to upgrade the old version of Outlook to a new one while undergoing through this process, it is very likely that the PST file gets corrupted.
  • The most common problem which everyone would have encountered is the abnormal termination of Microsoft Outlook while it is still working with the PST file. So this kind of process could be intentionally ended by initiating the task manager and selecting the application and pressing the end task option or this might happen due to the abrupt shutdown of your system which damages the PST files completely and it becomes very tough to restore those files.
  • Virus is nothing but a malware which interrupts the normal behavior of an application during its execution. Since Microsoft Outlook mainly emphasizes on several emails that are received or transferred via internet, these are prone to this malicious attacks. Once these PST files are infected with the virus, it causes improper functioning of the application provoking us to get panic and put query over the internet asking how to fix PST file.
  • PST file is one of the refined file which generally stores different attributes of the Outlook, so if these files are not handled in a proper way and are closed in a inappropriate way, this causes the PST files to be corrupted.
  • It is always recommended to use PST files within some memory limitation. Even if Microsoft Outlook supports PST files which can occupy 30-50 GB of memory, it is better to use PST files which are having size between 2-10 GB.

Silent features of Fix PST File utility

  • Nowadays, PST files which are being transferred via the internet are secured because they are being protected by password. It is not easy to repair the password protected PST files but with the help of Fix PST File tool, you can easily restore these kinds of files.
  • It overcomes the drawbacks the Scan PST tool by recovering all the files and also provides us an option to find the location of the PST file if its location is unknown.
  • It is used to recover different items like calendar and emails from the corrupted PST files.
  • This helps the user to work on different versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2003, 2007 etc.