Simple Way of Fixing MS Outlook Issues


In these modern days, people making use of email as the primary source to communicate with the others. May clients, employees and many users store the Outlook data from the storing file known as PST file. PST stands for personal storage table which can be easily create by any user to store their personal Outlook information such as mails, contacts, journals, RSS feeds, etc. in the .pst file extension.  With the help of PST files, you can share and transfer the Outlook data. The data which are stored in the Microsoft Outlook is utilize by many organization to arrange different events like assigning tasks, meeting, etc.

Microsoft Outlook is widely used because of its features and applications. In spite of many features, sometimes PST file get corrupted or damaged because of which you can’t access the files data more. Here you need not to be panic because many Microsoft Outlook repair tool are available in the market to fix corrupted PST files. Out of all tools, Microsoft Outlook repair tool named as Inbox Repair Tool works very effective to repair corrupted PST file. This tool has strong features to solve any issue regarding Outlook data. Before knowing the features of this Microsoft Outlook repair tool, let us see why actually PST file become inaccessible.

Reasons for which PST files of MS Outlook become inaccessible:

PST file corruption: If the PST file gets corrupted or damaged, then the files become inaccessible. No version of Outlook supports the corrupted file to work on it.

Sudden closing of Outlook: While working with Microsoft Outlook, if you suddenly close the Outlook data then there is chance of damage of files. So might be files become inaccessible.

Attack of viruses: If any PST file affects with the externals attack like virus or any other harmful attacks, then the files become inaccessible and user may fails to work on these file.

Header file damage: The related information of the PST files such as name, size, locations etc. are stored in the header file. If that header file get damage or corrupted, then the PST file cannot be access.

These are some of the reasons for which PST files become inaccessible but here Inbox Repair Tool works for you with the help of its features. Let us see what are the different features included in this amazing tool.

Best Features of Inbox Repair Tool:

  • Inbox Repair Tool is one of the best Microsoft Outlook repair tool because it works very perfect to fix PST files with the help of it inbuilt algorithm.
  • This tool is designed in such a way that it works well on the both the platform of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It has the ability to repair the PST files which are highly compressed and also the files containing passwords protection.
  • With the help of this software, you can repair PST file on the different Outlook version like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.