Software to Retrieve Lost file on Mac External hard Disk


External hard drives are used to save all the files and folders of the Photos, word files, music files, etc. as like internal hard drives. You may use the external hard disk to save your files by attaching it externally to the Mac system through the USB cable. There are various problems related to the data loss on the external hard disk of the Macintosh, similar to that of internal hard disks. All the data loss scenarios like partitioning/re-partitioning errors, accidental deletion, unintentional formatting/reformatting, etc. results in the data loss from the Mac external hard disk. Apart from all these you may lose your files on the external hard disks, if you abruptly pull out the data cable of the external hard drive from which it is connected to the Macintosh at the time of files transfer. Whenever you miss files on Macintosh external hard disk, then you can recover files from Mac using Mac data recovery tool.   It is an expert choice. You can also use it on your Macintosh to get rid of file loss issues on external hard disks of any brand.  

File Loss Scenarios on Mac External Hard Disk

  • Formatting is the technique which is used to delete entire data in one mouse click form a particular logical or physical drive. When we use format option, it will delete entire files from your drive.  Some time we also lose our important data unknowingly. You may format the external hard disk of your Mac PC, later on you may find then you have deleted some important files.
  • Partitioning and repartitioning is the method to divide the hard disk of your system into some specific parts. After making partitions on the hard disks of Mac they are named as Volumes. So at the time of creating volumes you can lose some of your files.

In this situation, we think that files have been parentally lost, How to restore external hard drive files? If you have found any of the files that have been lost without your notice then yet there is way to restore your vital files by using above mentioned software. Some time you lose your data, when you are transferring files external hard drive to computer. After transferring the data from external drive we delete it from our drive.  When, you want to view data on computer. It shows error like not formatted error. If you wanted to recover this kind of data then you can get it back by employing this software.

Specific Features of the Application Program

  • It supports recovery of the retrieval of the missing files from RAID 5, RAID 0 and RAID 1 partitions which are deleted or formatted on the Mac external hard disk
  • This superb utility facilitates you to bypass the bad sectors by creating disk image files
  • It’s a user friendly tool. Free demo version is the additional feature of this utility
  • It can restore files lost from the external hard disk due to all complex and simple data loss scenarios