Your complete guide to Apple’s iCloud Drive


What is iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive is the online storage solution which is given by Apple. It stores and synchronizes files across the Apple devices as well as on a Windows system.

Dropbox is the Apple’s storage solution which is used previously for synchronizing files. Now iCloud Drive comes with true online storage solution for the


  • Sync across all your devices
  • Back up your Data
  • Store your files in iCloud drive
  • Save everything in the Cloud

Subscription plans range for storing data on iCloud drive.

  • 5GB of storage               –                     Free
  • 20GB of storage             –                     $0.99 per month
  • 200GB of storage           –                     $3.99 per month
  • 500GB of storage           –                     $9.99 per month
  • 1TB of storage               –                     $19.99 per month

You can subscribe to a data storing plan through your iPad or iPhone or by launching the Settings app. First of all you have to choose iCloud and select Storage. Navigate to Change Storage Plan and choose the storage plan. Make sure to select Buy in the upper right corner of the screen and then sign in with your iCloud account to complete the purchase. You can also upgrade or downgrade your iCloud drive plan at any time.icloud-drive-promo

Using to access iCloud Drive files:

It is possible to use the website to access files stored in iCloud Drive (using a Mac running Safari or Mavericks). Follow some steps which are mentioned below to access the files that are stored on your iCloud Drive.

  • Open Safari and then visit to
  • Enter your Apple ID as well as Password.
  • Choose the iCloud Drive app icon.

Now you will see Finder like display of all the files and folders stored in iCloud Drive. You can open those folders to view the files contained inside it or by double clicking a file compatible with an iCloud Drive application opens it inside the iCloud App in Safari. You can choose the file and click on the Download option to save it to your Finder.