Best Possible Way to Rescue Windows OS


Microsoft provided Windows OS are generally utilized by the computer professional. It is easy to learn and use. Even school going children are able to use it by learning in couple of days. It supports most of the application manufactured by computer programmer. However, you are able to lose your essential data from Windows based system easily. There are numerous situations in which you could lose essential data from this. Probably the most common situations of data loss from Windows based system is because of format of hard drive. After formatting, the link between stored data on hard disk and file pointer has become deleted when you’ll attempt to search those data you won’t find those stored data. You might have formatted system hard disk partition due to any reasons however it cost severe loss of data. But even during this case don’t get frustrated!!! As Unformat Windows tool can simply restore your formatted hard disk data.

Sometimes if you have discovered that a certain hard disk partition has some severe virus infection and you’re not able to open various stored data, then you may decide to format hard drive partition. If you have transferred data from other storage devices or from network then you might have get some virus infection on the particular hard disk partition. Gradually all of your stored data infected with that malicious virus and turn into inaccessible. Then you’ve made a decision to format the drive to make use of this.

In case you have reinstalled a fresh OS on the system and repartitioned hard drive, during repartitioning if any interruption occurs or sometimes partitioning might not happen properly then there might be the possibility of data inaccessibility and you might have lost that hard disk partition. To recover lost hard disk partition sometimes users might have formatted the hard drive completely and lost severe data from hard disk. In this issue you need to use the above mentioned discussed application to rescue hard drive data.

Sometimes if you have attached an external storage device like external hard disk or any flash drives, then you’ve discovered that it’s showing an error message that “your drive has not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” In case you have accidentally or by any reasons selected yes button then this storage device has formatted and you’ll lose severe data from that external storage device.

Precautions will assist you to in order to save your vital data from all of these above written loss scenario. You have to create and update backup of data that is stored on the hard disk. It can help you to definitely retrieve your essential data if you’ll face data loss scenario. Scan your complete hard disk by healthy antivirus tool to avoid inaccessibility of data and also any hard disk partition and force you to format the hard drive.

Unformat Windows application is capable enough to bring back your hard disk partition along with data on any popular version of Windows based OS. It is possible to restore data from the formatted USB drive and memory card too. Even you are able to restore your lost data from SCSI, SATA and IDE hard disk partition easily with the assistance of this efficient application. Rescue Windows data is possible latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Click here to know more