Effective Method of Retrieving Folder


Most of the computer users create folders to organize files in a well ordered way, similar files are usually kept in the same folder which will help them in achieving faster access but things can be contradictory also as this depends on the user. Folders are indeed a big boon for users, as it helps users to separate important files from other files.

Assume that you are working on a project, where you also have to make lot documentation. So you have created a “my project” folder along with other sub folders. Now in case, if you have deleted this folder by mistake which obviously is very important, then how can you compensate this situation? Is it possible to recreate all the files present in it? Undoubtedly, it’s hard to recreate all the files. So, now the biggest question is how to recover folders effectively?

The above scenario was focusing on accidental deletion of folders. However, there are various other reasons that might lead to the loss or deletion of folders. Let us get aware about more possible reasons before confronting the ideas to recover folders from storage devices.

Causes for the loss of folders

  • Virus infection: One of the common reasons for the loss of folders is virus intrusion. If the folder containing important files get infected with viruses it will lead to the deletion of files and folders.
  • Bypassing Recycle Bin: In case, if you have deleted a small sized folder, then it will probably occupy the space in the Recycle Bin which allows you to restore it easily. But, if you have deleted an extremely large sized folder then this might by pass the Recycle Bin and hence you will not be provided with the option to restore it by anyway.
  • Folder deletion from external devices: While deleting folders from external devices you will have to be more careful, as deleting a folder from external drive won’t feature in Recycle Bin and hence will lead to the loss of folder.
  • Accidental formatting: If you have formatted the hard drive or storage device by mistake this will remove the entire files and folders from the storage device.
  • Third party tool: At certain cases, third party applications like antivirus, used to protect your computer may sometimes consider your folder as malicious leading to the deletion of it; you won’t be given with a warning signal even.

It’s always a good practice to keep backup of the important folders and files. So you will be able to compensate a major loss situation. In case, if you have not created backup, then you can rely on professional tools that are solely built to recover folders from storage devices. Recover Folders is one such specific tool that is solely built perform folder recovery in any major loss situations from storage devices.

Recover Folders is an exclusive tool that helps in recovering folders from storage devices like hard drive, memory card, USB pen drive, external hard drive and other storage devices. By using this tool you can easily recover all major file formats of photos, audios, videos, documents, compressed documents, etc. This tool can be installed with various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Key features of Recover Folders utility

  • This software comes with a rich graphical user interface making it very user friendly, user doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use this tool.
  • The application scans the entire storage device for lost or deleted folders using advanced searching algorithms which boosts the folder recovery process.
  • Recover Folders application can also be used with Mac PC’s like iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Mini, etc.
  • It has the ability to recover deleted folders from Windows Recycle Bin as well as Mac Trash.
  • The trail version of Recover Folders utility is available for free; users can make use of this opportunity to test efficiency of this tool in restoring deleted or lost folders from storage devices.