How To Be A Better Writer And Other Easy Word Tips?


Recently various technology trends and news gives some helpful hints on how to enhance the use of tools which we are using every day. Let’s just go through Microsoft Word and the pesky which we are using it in everyday tasks that we have to do in Word.Microsoft-Word-2016-300x161

Plagiarize With Ease:

  • Copying and pasting from the internet can be a trouble. For instance, take this quote from the old California statutes page. When I copy and paste it into Word, it looks like below picture. 2222222222
  • It has section marks at the end of each line. You can fix by putting your pointer at the end of each line and press delete button or you can use the Replace feature of it. You may use the Replace feature to locate and replace words but you can use it to locate and replace grammar as well. Emphasize the paragraph and open up the Replace window. Press the More option and the go down to Special and choose Paragraph Mark.333333333333
  • Replace it with a space by going to the Replace option and type a space which replaces your all of your program marks with a space.44444444444444

Enhance Readability:

  • Word has a really a significant feature that is turned off by default. It is known as the Readability Statistics. You can turn it on under Options or Proofing. It tells you how complex your writing is.66666666666666

Line Spacing:

The line spacing has a default setting to look up readability of those things which doesn’t always obey with the rules of court. Line spacing is more than the gap between the lines. There is also unsystematic spacing between paragraphs. Here is how to clear those spacing out. First of all click on the Line and Paragraph Spacing button. It has the arrow pointing up and down and is right subsequently to the paint bucket option on the Home tab. In that you will observe that the default spacing settings are before 0pt, after 8pt, line spacing is at 1.08, and it adds an extra space between the paragraphs.