How to Recover Files after Accidental Deletion?


Normally computer/laptop users may prefer either “delete” key or “shift + delete” keys to delete unwanted data. When you choose delete option to remove data from your computer or laptop, file will be redirected to Recycle Bin. If you used delete option to delete some important data then you can easily restore back from Recycle Bin at any time. Whereas deleting files using shift-delete keys will make them to bypass Recycle Bin. One of the easiest ways to retrieve files under such state of affair is usage of Crucial Data Recovery software.

Why shift deleted files are not recoverable from Recycle bin?

Usually we delete unwanted or useless data by using delete option or dragging the items into the recycle bin. Some days later if you want those files then you can easily restore those files by clicking on restore option.

If you delete files using shift+ delete option then files deleted will not get stored in the Recycle bin. If you do such deletion then the deleted files will directly removed from file system without passing Recycle bin. The Shift deleted items will still exist on hard drive in the form of raw data, but its occupied space will be taken as free memory space which is open for writing new data on it. As long as the raw data has not been overwritten by new data, you still have an opportunity to restore the shift deleted files by using professional shift deleted file recovery software.

Scenarios behind data loss from accidental deletion:

Accidental Deletion:  While deleting unwanted or useless data from your system, you accidentally select some important data and deleted using shift+ delete option. As a result, you may encounter with huge data loss.

Emptying Recycle bin: Deleted files are stored in recycle bin. When user accidentally empty recycle bin without seeing its content, then you may lose important data.

Third Party ApplicationsYou are using third party applications on your system to prevent stored data. If any of these files are affected by virus then Antivirus may asks you to repair the problem. During this method, certain important data kept within the system gets deleted, hence resulting in data loss.

Features of Crucial Data Recovery software:

  • This software provides preview option to view recoverable data prior to data restoration.
  • It can easily retrieve important files like videos, audios, documents that are deleted using shift +delete option.
  • This software is capable in recovering files deleted by shift + delete key from various storage devices such as hard drives, flash memory, USB drive, memory cards, pen drive, etc.
  • Deleted files or folders can be recovered even after deletion of recycle bin.
  • You can easily get back deleted files from hard drive of various types such as SATA, IDE, PATA, SCSI, etc of  different brands like Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, Transcend, etc.
  • This software is equipped with highly sophisticated algorithm to recover files on latest versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Vista, 2003, 2000, etc.