How to recover lost hard drive data


Nowadays most of them use computers to store their data, because of safety and security features when compared to using papers to store data. Computer make use of hard drives to save and manage these data, hence hard drives are the data storage devices that facilitates easy retrieval and storage of data. It can store any kind of data including text, audio or video and many others in the form of files. These files can be easily fetched, read, saved and even deleted from the hard drives. In order to maintain and organize these files there are file systems. There are different file systems, based on the operating system; one can choose the file system.

Each file or piece of data on the hard drive is very important and one should be careful while using these files; even one single mouse click can result in data loss from your hard drive. Accidental deletion, formatting or partition leads to data loss from your hard drive. You might be thinking how formatting will result in data loss since you have back up. But yes even formatting will result in data loss situation even after taking the backup..! In some situations in which you have installed multiple operating systems on your hard drive, there are chances of formatting a wrong partition for which you don’t have back up instead of formatting the other one! And even while formatting drives you should be careful because if you want to format C: drive and taken back up, but accidentally you might format the D: drive for which you don’t have back up, hence your D: drive data will be lost.

Have you lost your data? Then no need to worry. Since there is a software that can recover all your hard drive data efficiently and quickly. It is a very good hard drive Recovery program when compared to others. This program can recover your data even from the hard drive having bad sectors. The software is Recover Hard drive software. There are many situations in which you lose data. The common situations are:

  • Due to severe power outage and improper shut down of the system, results in hard drive crash
  • Virus / Malware attacks to the file leads to file system corruption and all your data can become inaccessible
  • Formatting the wrong drive or drive without taking the backup of the drive
  • Accidentally or unintentionally removing or deleting the important files on hard drive also leads to data loss
  • In case of Re-partitioning of the drive and re-installation of the OS, if back up is not taken then data will be lost

In all the above situations you can use this software and successfully recover your lost files from crashed hard drives. This software comes in two different editions for both Windows and Mac. The key features of the software are:

  • Easy to use interface with simple steps makes data recovery fast and effective
  • Capable enough to restore dead Hard drive data and perform lost data retrieval from computers that won’t boot
  • Able to recover data after volume header corruption from Macintosh machine and Mac book
  • Supports recovery of data from all major file systems like FAT, NTFS and HFS
  • Performs USB hard drive Recovery also and can recover lost USB data

Now, you get to know the importance of this software. It takes only few easy steps to recover the hard drive. These steps include:

  1. Download the free trial version of the software and install it on your computer
  2. Now launch the software, select the “Recover partitions / drives ” option and in the next window select “Recover lost files” from the list
  3. Chose the drive on which data needs to be recovered and press “Next”
  4. Scanning process starts, once it completes you can view all your lost files
  5. Before recovering the files you can preview them using “Preview” option
  6. Now buy the software and save all your important files