How to recover lost partitions


The hard drive is divided into number of small sections called as partitions. These partitions are made to store different type of files in different locations to easily access data. Your partition data gets lost due to virus attack, improper shut down etc. But it’s not a big deal to worry, because with the help of partition recovery software you can regain your lost data.

Some important guidelines to avoid permanent data loss from partitions:

  • It is stoutly recommended not to save any new data to the hard disk containing deleted partition because; it may overwrite the partition data leads to permanent data loss.
  • Regularly maintain the back up of your important documents and save them in another storage device.
  • You have to use the UPS for your system to get extra time to save important documents in case of power outage.

The common reasons where your data gets lost from partition are as follows:

  • Third party utility: Considering a practical reason, where you are having three partitions and one extended partition on your operating system like Windows XP based hard disk and you wish to delete the extended partition, you use third party software to delete it and allocate all the free space to your primary partitions. However, there may be chance to encounter error message after doing so you decide to reboot your system due to file system corruption. The file system corruption might have encountered due to third party failure.
  • Data loss while re- allocating free space among partitions: Resizing the partitions can be done by re- installing the new OS. But, when you re- install new OS to system all the data including applications will be lost as it formats the partitions resulting in loss of data.
  • Accidental formatting: You may accidentally format the wrong partition instead of formatting unwanted partition or virus attacked partition which is inaccessible to you. Formatting the partition leads to loss of all data contained on it and creates a new file system to store new files.
  • Corrupt boot loader: While you are working on a double boot system, there is extra probability of the boot loader getting corrupted. If the OS with boot loader gets damaged due to any reason, then you could not boot even operating system also, results in loss of data.
  • Other common scenarios: There are other reasons where your partitions may also get corrupt due to virus attack, improper shut down, power surge etc. When your partition gets corrupt the data stored in it becomes inaccessible resulting in loss of data.

Fine, if you have ever come across with above written reasons, then stop worrying, because with the help of this software you are able to regain your lost data from partitions.

This software regains files lost from the file system like FAT32, FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5 partitions while re – installing operating system and can also regains data while converting disk back to basic disk in Windows OS. This tool regains data from partition getting corrupt due to partition creation process using native Windows Disk Management tool or wit any other third party partitioning tool. This tool is very efficient to recoup files from hard drives like SCSI, SATA, and IDE etc. After regaining data by using this tool you can save data to CD / DVD or to any accessible drive to Windows.

This is one such application which has been designed with the potential of letting users to gain the type of data lost. And in addition it comes with a free demo version which helps you to preview the obtained data. If you’re satisfied with the end result obtained and want to save the regained data you have to purchase the full version of this software.