How to restore files on Windows


Today the most of us are able to perform all tasks related to computer because the every information related to this is easily available on internet or sometimes the system provider will give the detailed documents about this. Even after knowing all things about computer, we will make mistakes while using it. These mistakes can seriously affect on your life such as the accidental deletion of business documents, client information, billing information, new product details, etc. It is also heart breaking if you have lost memorable photos forever from your computer.

By considering the above problems of Windows computer user, some of the companies have developed a data recovery tool. This tool can be used to undelete Windows XP files, if you have deleted them from Recycle Bin or by making use of “Shift + Delete” key combination. This is developed, especially to undelete files from different versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc. You might be surprising how the Windows deleted file recovery is possible. It’s very simple because the deleted files are not gone anywhere, they are still available on hard drive but they invisible to the operating system. So, you can restore them and access on Windows OS by seeking a help of data recovery software.

Sometimes, the user can make mistakes while converting a file system from FAT to NTFS, even after getting documents on how to do this, from the Microsoft. If the user missed any steps while doing this, it can create serious problems and makes all files as inaccessible. Then you may get error message while restarting your Windows system and it indicates that all files are lost. Then you need to recover them. You can restore files on Vista, XP, 7, etc with the help of Windows data recovery software.

Apart from the user errors, sometimes the Windows files can disappear without your knowledge. It can happen due to many unknown errors such as virus attack, file system corruption, bad sector problem, spyware, etc. These software errors can occur if the system is used improperly such as using computer without installing quality antivirus software, turning off system improperly, re-partitioning a drive with the half knowledge of disk management utility, downloading software from unauthorized sites, etc. If you are getting errors or the files are disappeared, you need to recover them using Windows data recovery software.

One more reasons where the files are bypassed from the Recycle Bin and causes loss of files is, accidental formatting of hard drive. Formatting means deleting files permanently from a computer hard drive. These files are permanently deleted by the operating system point of view but still they are available on hard drive. To recover these deleted files, one need to make use of a third party tool called Windows data recovery application.

If you are trying to know the reasons behind loss of files on Windows computer, you will lot of scenarios. The data loss reason is anything, still it recoverable. The user cannot recover files manually, he / she needs some vacation tools. According the deleted or lost files recovery on Windows, the best suitable recovery tool is Windows file recovery software.

Windows file recovery software is designed to support file recovery on Windows OS, irrespective of reasons. Whether it is a user mistake or unknown software error, this software is capable to recover Windows files because it has strong inbuilt recovery algorithms. To recover files, first it scans complete hard drive to identify all deleted files based on their unique signature. Finally, you can view the recovered files using “Data View” or “File Type view” option. You can also look at the list of recovered files by using demo version of this software. You can download it through company website. But, to save recovered files you have to make use of full version of this software.