Know How to Recover Data from Transcend Hard Disk


Hard disk or HDD is a storage device that is used to store digital data like audio, video, images, and documents. Transcend HDD is the main storage device used with desktop and laptop computers to store data permanently. Along with Transcend, there are multiple brands which are offering durable and high performance hard disk drives such as Kingston, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi etc.

Transcend hard disk is used frequently to store data in computers. Additionally, it is offering other storage media such as SD card, external USB drives, memory stick etc. Although Transcend offers hard drive with high storage capacity. But these are not safe from data loss accidents. There are possibilities of data loss accidents when performing different operations on hard drive.

Some common data loss scenario

  • Virus intrusion to the Windows computer is the most common cause, as a result data may get deleted or missing from hard drive. It can also make the drive inaccessible due to which you can’t reach to the data saved on that drive.
  • Sometimes, while erasing unwanted data from Transcend hard drive using Shift + Delete key or by command prompt, you may accidentally erase the essential data that is frequently required.
  • While moving data from Transcend hard drive to external storage device, abrupt shut down of computer may lead to loss of data from source and destination storage as well.

You may get some other data loss scenarios like accidental formatting of Transcend drive, repartitioning error, empting Windows Recycle Bin or erasing all data from Mac Trash. Sometimes Windows may encounter system error codes like ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY, and ERROR_BAD_FORMAT etc which may lead to loss of data because you would not be able to access data stored on Transcend hard disk drive.

A measure taken in advance to prevent data loss: Make a habit to keep backup copy of all the important data on safe external storage drives. Use updated antivirus software to prevent data loss from risky programs. If backup method also failed then you can try the recovery tool which is capable of retrieving data deleted, lost or missing from Transcend hard disk.

Transcend USB Recovery is one of the best tool for Transcend hard disk recovery. It is designed with powerful recovery mechanism, which can recover files from Transcend hard drive even after it is formatted, corrupted or become inaccessible due to various reasons. With the assistance of this recommended utility, Transcend hard disk recovery has become very simple, handy and automated.

This software has a user friendly wizard which assists users to make Transcend hard disk recovery just like an expert. Along with restoring data from Transcend hard drive, you can utilize this tool to retrieve data from different memory cards, pen drives, SSD, iPod and other storage devices manufactured by Transcend.

Prominent features of Transcend USB Recovery!

It can quickly scan the entire Transcend hard drive to recover data deleted or lost. Including Transcend hard disk recovery it is also helpful to retrieve data from almost all other brands of hard disk such as, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Lexar, Samsung etc.

This powerful tool can easily retrieve data from formatted hard drive and also capable of recovering data from NTFS, NTFS5, FAT 32 etc file systems. The tool has been implemented with advanced search algorithm, which help the user to find the deleted or lost data on the basis of name, extension, date of creation, and size of the file. Its demo version is available with preview option to view restored data before saving it into any storage device.