Simple Procedure to Fix Outlook PST file on Windows 7


Microsoft Outlook is an email client application, which is mostly used by the large business organization to exchange information via internet. Since it is used to send and receive emails and also you can see contacts, calendar, tasks, appointments, journals in one place. You can see the email messages you have already received even when you are not connected to the internet.

The Personal storage folder, also known as PST file is a location where Microsoft Outlook automatically stores it’s all attributes such as messages, tasks, calendar etc. PST file can be used as a backup and you can restore the Outlook data if you experience loss data unexpectedly. Since the size of the Outlook PST file is limited ( up to 2 GB), if the size of the PST file data exceeds to its limited size then the PST file will get corrupted. And if such corruption happens, is it possible to repair PST files on Windows 7?

Yes, it is quite simple to repair PST files using Corrupt PST File Repair utility. It is the most reliable, safe and effective program to repair PST file on Windows 7, that is corrupted due over-sized data stored in PST file. it can repair all damaged PST file that is created on different versions of Outlook. And also works perfectly on all other popular versions of Windows like Windows 8, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 to repair corrupt PST file.

Some common scenario when PST file may get corrupted in Windows 7

  • When you are working on Microsoft Outlook and suddenly it is terminated due to some Windows error then your PST file may get corrupted.
  • Since storing capacity of the PST file is limited, when data stored in PST file exceed in size it will lead to corruption of PST file.
  • Outlook PST file may corrupt due to viruses affected to the Windows computer.
  • Sometimes information stored in PST file might get corrupted, when trying to upgrade Microsoft Outlook is failed.
  • If PST file is shared over the network and anyone who can access it modifies the PST file, then your PST file may get corrupt.

Some essential features of Corrupt PST File Repair utility

  • It scans the entire hard drive within a minute to repair PST files on Windows 7.
  • The tool perfectly repairs corrupted PST files from Windows 7 and also other several versions of Windows.
  • Ability to repair corrupt PST file created on various version of Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.
  • The best utility to recover outlook PST files attributes like calendar, appointments, journals, tasks, messages, notes etc.
  • Recovers corrupted PST file due to hardware or software failure.
  • Also capable of repairing highly compressed and password protected PST file.
  • Having the advance searching algorithm to search the location of the corrupted PST file. If you are unable to locate the location of the PST file, then this tool can easily search the location to repair PST files on Windows 7.
  • Demo version of this tool is available with preview option, which allows the user to view the repaired PST file.