The best way to recover hard drive on Mac


Apple developed first hard drive in 1985, which was named as hard disk 20 and used in combination with the Macintosh 512K. Macintosh 512K is the second apple computer, that is having enough quantity of RAM in comparison to Macintosh 128K hence it’s also known as “Fat Mac”. The Mac operating system supports HFS+ and HFSX file systems. The hard disk drive might be split up into 2 or more logical sections known as volumes. Using disk utility, you can format and partition the Mac hard drive. Windows operating system does not support HFS+ and HFSX formatted volumes, whereas Mac Main system supports FAT file system also. Sometimes, the errors encountered while partitioning the hard disk drive using disk utility could potentially cause the hard drive corruption. There are several Mac data recovery tools are available to recover deleted files after Western Digital My Passport hard drive crashes for Mac. A relevant Data recovery software for Mac will help you recover hard drive data, which has been deleted or lost.

Sometimes, as a result of hard drive corruption problems, your system might not start normally resulting in loss of data. You are able to repair such hard disk problems through the use of utilities like disk utility or fsck command by restarting your computer using the original install disk of Mac OS X. Disk utility could also be used to make sure that and repair file permissions that have been accidentally modified. Applications in Mac OS are installed from package files, and so the “Bill of Material” file is stored in the receipt file like Library/Receipts. “Bill of Material” file is often a file made up of a number of files to get installed and knowledge regarding file size. Disk utility checks only those files which might be installed using an Apple installer package. Sometimes, you may accidentally delete or remove the Receipt file from the Library/Receipts causing data loss. In such a disastrous instance, disk utility is probably not able to verify or repair permissions; instead you could encounter error messages like “No valid packages”. In this case you should reinstall the same version of the Mac operating system, which may lead to data loss.

To avoid these complications, you should take a backup of essential data to bring lost data back from a backup file. In the event you don’t have a backup then usually do not save or copy new data over the affected hard disk. Because, saving or copying new data may overwrite the information leading to permanent loss of data that could unattainable to extract using any data recovery software. When disk utility ceases to repair your hard drive then you don’t need to worry, you can use vacation data recovery software to get back lost data from hard drive.

Mac disk recovery is a consistent data recovery software, which will help you to recover hard drive on Mac even after reinstalling Mac OS X 10.5.x and above versions. This tool can be capable of recovering the lost data from accidentally deleted or formatted HFS+ and HFSX volumes using inbuilt scanning algorithms. You can download the demo tool and use to preview recovered data.