Tricks to Reduce Photoshop File Size


You need to reduce the size of all the PSD files, especially when you are selling them on any sale site like Creative Market. By reducing the size of PSD file you can save the uploading time of your and downloading time of the person who purchases them. Here are some tricks to reduce the size of the PSD file which may be helpful to you. Let us discuss them briefly.

eaa80573-3a18-4b0f-8dd8-db9df11c3c58.pngOne thing you should keep in mind that you need to apply all these tricks with a duplicate copy, and you should have the original copy with you safely.

  1. Put a Solid Color Layer on Top

Accidentally this trick was found and this trick is the best and high effective. When the PSD files are downloaded, it will be stored in the Finder, but you will find the blank in the Finder. Now you need to open the Photoshop and there you can find all the downloaded files and there will be a white layer on the top.

When the layers were deleted, then the file size increased substantially, so you just need to simply those files because the Photoshop will prefer to have high quality. By simplifying you can reduce the size.

  1. Only Keep the Essential

While creating the files it is obvious that there will be a lot of hidden files in them and you need to delete them, also some junk files will also be available. You need to delete the layers for your color palette, notes and measurements. At the last see the important things you need are present or not, also see any unwanted layers are present, if yes then you need to delete them.

  1. Merge/Flatten Layers

Here you need to understand is, a PSD contained with 100 layers will be larger than a PSD with ten layers. You need to flatten the layers destructively and to make changes to your file; you need to reduce your abilities greatly.

  1. Apply Layer Masks

A complex tool called as Layer marks which will eat up plenty of 0s and 1s. Since they are extra layers essentially, they can hide in plain sight. On a mast do Right-click and then do apply on it. Now you will found that size of your file will be reduced.